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Beacon Hospital’s CSR Cataract Programme (CCP)

Cataract is a common eye disease in Malaysia. Many patients delay their treatments due to lack of awareness of the symptoms and also financial difficulties. In order to reduce patients’ financial burden and to restore their vision, Beacon Hospital has launched a CSR Cataract Programme to provide free cataract surgery to 50 underprivileged patients. This […]

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Beacon Hospital’s Focus Point Eye Care Workshop

Thank you all Focus Point optometrists for taking time to join us at the Eye Care Workshop. We hope you enjoyed the session and gained a deeper insight about the latest updates on the optical procedures which was conducted by our Consultant Ophthalmologist, Oculoplastic and Lacrimal Surgeon, Dr Ong Chin Tuan.  Click here to view […]

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Beacon Hospital’s A-Look Eye Care Workshop

  Beacon Hospital would like to thank all the A-Look opticians and optometrists who attended the Eye Care Workshop conducted by our Consultant Ophthalmologist, Oculoplastic and Lacrimal Surgeon, Dr Ong Chin Tuan. We would like to thank all participants for their active participation throughout the session and we hope everyone benefited from this workshop Click […]

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Towards GP’s Perspective in Primary Care

Beacon Hospital organized a GP symposium “Towards GP’s Perspective in Primary Care” on April 16 (Saturday) at Hilton Hotel, Petaling Jaya. We would like to thank all GPs whom attended this  symposium. Your active participation and continued support made this a successful event. Click here to view more pictures.  

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您是否发现身旁有些人眼睛总是通红且泪汪汪?别以为对方不开心而留下伤心泪,因为这可能是鼻泪管阻塞(Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction)。宝康医院眼科专科兼眼部整形外科顾问王振传医生表示鼻泪道阻塞可透过手术治疗,包括鼻泪道支架植入术(STENT)及鼻腔泪囊造口术(Dacryocystorhinostomy,简称DCR)。 继续阅读

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Cancer Care and Eye Care Workshop

  Beacon Hospital organized an interactive Cancer Care and Eye Care workshop for Caring pharmacists. Our clinical oncologist Dato’ Dr Mohamed Ibrahim and ophthalmologist Dr Ong Chin Tuan shared some useful cancer care and eye care tips with the pharmacist. They were taken for a tour to the #Cyberknife room where our senior radiologist provided […]

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  花城的朋友想知道更多正确的护眼知识吗?那就请出席由宝康医院眼眶与眼科整形,泪道系统专科王振传医生(Dr Chin Ong )主讲的“眼睛护理”医学讲座。活动详情如下。入场免费。 现场还有许多好康,包括免费的宝康医院眼镜检查固本,基本验血和癌症标记检验优惠配套等。欲了解更多,请拨打06-763 6710 或 019-6219723。

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  双眼失明是第一型与第二型糖尿病人最为恐惧的一件事。宝康医院眼科专科冯仲贤医生 Kenneth Choong-Sian Fong指出,糖尿病会影响眼睛有两种症状,分别是眼睛会流血及失明。但令人鼓舞的是美国的眼科专家已成功发明一种治疗法,可以使绝大多数糖尿病失明人士,恢复视觉和重现光明。 继续阅读