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Men’s Health and Urology Specialist Centre

Men’s Health Problem

Men’s health is an area of healthcare that is often neglected by doctors and men themselves. Men’s health encompasses many complex issues across the physiological, mental and emotional spectrum.

It is a well-acknowledged fact that men’s problem in Malaysia are due to leading less healthy lifestyles compared to women (eg: eat less healthily, drink and smoke more), as well as putting off routine checkups and medical care. These risk factors can accumulate throughout life and add up exponentially, leading to a lot of health problems later in life.

On the other hand, urology specialises in men’s health and also covers organs such as kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra and also the adrenal glands for both genders.

The urology consultants and surgeons at our centre have more than 20 years of experience, a solid track record and high success rate in treating urinary stones using latest evidence-based treatments.

What We Can Do For You

At Beacon Hospital’s Men’s Health and Urology Centre, our multidisciplinary team of doctors will take a comprehensive look at all the health related issues which includes:

  • Sexual health (eg erectile dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases, loss of libido)
  • Prostate health (eg benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH)
  • Male ‘menopause’ (eg testosterone deficiency)
  • Urinary tract health (eg urinary problems, stone disease)
  • Cancer (eg: kidney, bladder, prostate, testicular and other related cancer affecting men)
  • Stress incontinence management, overactive bladder
  • Lifestyle management

With an environment that encourages frank discussion of health issues, men or women can feel confident that they will be provided with the right advice and services to address their concerns.

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